New YouTube Video: Stickhandling- the Key Points!

"It's not the drill. It's how you do it." Have you heard something like that before? There are so many great hockey stickhandling drills out there; I've posted a bunch, and many others have as well. The thing is: you can have the greatest drills in the world, but if your execution and form are poor, they won't matter. In this video I'll show you HOW to go about your drills. What should you be focusing on? How should you hands, head and body be positioned? Are your feet moving or just your hands? What common mistakes do a lot of players make when practicing their stickhandling, and how can you avoid them? If you focus on the key points in this video, you'll get the most out of your off-ice practice, and your on-ice hockey game will improve the fastest! Have fun practicing!

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