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Marcel Juhasz

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About Me

Marcel Juhasz

Born on January 14, 1983 in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  • German Elite League experience (Hannover and Iserlohn)
  • German 2nd league Champion with Straubing
  • 3x German Bavarian Champion
  • 2x German Bavarian League MVP
  • Total 12 years of professional hockey
  • German Hockey Federation B-Licence
  • German Hockey Federation Skills Coach Licence
  • Director of Minor Hockey, HC Landsberg, 2015-present
  • Coach, Banff Hockey Academy Europe, 2012-present
  • Head Players Coach, CGGC Goalies and Players, 2015-present
  • Skills Coach, KA Women’s Hockey Camp (Switzlerland) 2017-present
  • Powerskating Coach, International Ice Hockey Academy, 2017-present
  • Founder, Marcel’s Hockey School in 2017

My philosophy

Hard work + fun
= success=
fun + hard work

If you don’t work hard, or like I prefer to say, give it your best, you’re not going to go anywhere, in hockey or in life. But you also have to have fun, otherwise training is going to become a serious drag and eventually your training quality will decrease. The good thing is than you can have both when you practice! Whenever I run my practices or camps, it’s always a mix of drills and games, or whenever possible, drills with a challenge/game incorporated into them. And if the practice is fun, well, chances are you’ll automatically work harder. And if you are successful, which can mean scoring more goals, making more saves, or simply just noticing how much you have been improving: isn’t that fun? And doesn’t that success motivate you to give it your best every day?

My goal for this website, my camps, my videos, etc. is to give you tips on skills, equipment, training, and many other aspects of the game, to help you become a better player. There’s only one thing I can’t do for you: put in the effort to become better. So watch the videos and read the articles, but then get out there, practice, be enthusiastic, love the game and watch the improvements come!

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