The Biggest Mistake Made During Off-Season Training!


I hope you are all enjoying your off-season, but also working hard to get ready for the upcoming hockey season. There’s usually a lot to be done during the summertime; speed, strength, stamina, skills: often they all need to be worked on. I’m sure that a lot of you have been training a lot, but there’s one mistake that I hope you are avoiding this summer: turning quality work in to quantity work. I see this a lot with players as well as coaches, and it makes me cringe.

Should you send your child to a hockey camp? And if so, what to look for when choosing a camp.

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As we roll into the hockey offseason, many of you have probably already registered your son or daughter for a hockey camp this summer, but some of you are certainly still thinking about it and trying to plan your summer! There’s always been about of debate about summer camps (are they worth it, does your child need one, etc.) Since I’ve worked at a ton of camps during my coaching career, and now run my own, I figured I could give you a bit of advice on this topic.

Should you be rollerblading during the summer? And will rollerblading ruin your stride?

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It’s summertime right now, and in most cities the ice has been long taken out of the rink. There are many activities to do, and the one I get asked the most about is rollerblading: should you be rollerblading in the summer? And, most importantly, what so many people worry about: will rollerblading ruin your skating stride?

"Spielwitz" entwickeln. Geht das? Und vor allem wie?

"Spielwitz" entwickeln. Geht das? Und vor allem wie?

Gestern haben wir wie fast jeden Mittwoch mit meinem Kids Team ein bisschen 5 gegen 5 gespielt. Einmal in der Woche probieren wir für ca. 20 Minuten im Training das Spielen auf dem Großfeld aus.

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