We never look like we think we look! I know this from my own experience shooting many instructional videos and editing my own clips. Getting a professional video analysis done is a great way to quickly identify and correct mistakes in your technique in order to improve your game!

How it works: you send me a video clip, or a series of clips of the skills you would like to have analyzed. It can be skating, stickhandling, shooting, a specific move that you are struggling with; anything you would like to improve on! The total clip time should be about 90 seconds. If ice time is not available to film the clips, the stickhandling/shooting can be filmed off-ice and the skating can be filmed on inline skates. After watching the clips several times, I make a professional analysis of your skills with voiceover, slow-motion and telestrator, and send it to you. The total video is usually between 10-15 minutes long. If necessary, I shoot an extra 1-2-minute clip with drills that you can do to improve your skills. I am of course also there for you if you have any questions after receiving the analysis.

The cost of a video analysis is 80 Euros.


Some of the elements that I use to do my video analysis are shown in this video

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